Business Law

Resolving And Preventing Complex Business Law Issues

Business conflicts are rarely simple. They can quickly drain precious time, money and effort from even the savviest businessperson. Fortunately, our attorneys at King Latham Law PLLC can resolve them efficiently and prevent future disputes from arising.

At King Latham Law PLLC, our attorneys help individuals and business entities throughout North Carolina with a variety of legal matters. These can include:

  • Business formation and planning
  • Entity selection
  • Drafting contracts for sales, purchases, leases, employees
  • Contract review 
  • Business negotiation and transactions
  • Contract disputes
  • Partner and shareholder disputes
  • Insurance coverage
  • Employee lawsuits

Working with King Latham Law PLLC will go a long way toward favorably resolving your business law matter and helping you avoid similar troubles in the future. Contact our office in Winston-Salem to speak directly with our knowledgeable attorneys.

Representation Tailored To You

We tailor our representation to suit the unique needs and circumstances of the client. We will never use a one-size-fits-all strategy, and we will never hand your case to a paralegal or a lawyer you do not know personally. You will receive the personal attention an attorney at every step of your case, no matter how large or how small your company is.

An Eye Toward Cost-Efficiency

We understand that legal disputes can quickly deplete a business’s resources. And in the world of business, every dollar is crucial. That is why we always keep your bottom line in mind, striving for cost-efficiency as we advocate for a favorable resolution to your issue.

Consult Us To Resolve Your Issue

The sooner you act, the sooner our attorneys can implement a strategic plan to help you. Schedule an initial consultation by contacting our office. You can send us an email or call today.